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Balance bikes, also called running bikes, are a fantastic first bike to help children learn steering and balance. Balance Bikes do not have pedals, instead children guide the bikes with their feet. Children can start to use one at 18 months of age or when they can place their feet firmly on the ground when seated. They can be used to replace training wheels or tricycles and make it much easier to transition to riding regular push bikes.

**Strider bikes are expected to be back in stock from September 2020**

Buying your kid a balance bike may be the best decision you’ll ever make

Balance bikes, also referred to as running bikes, are the next big step in your toddler’s development stage. Because balance bikes don’t have pedals, the child will instinctively learn to guide the bike on their own through steering and balance. This makes the transition to learning how to ride a bike much easier!

Here are some of the key benefits that both you and your child can experience with the help of a fun and super safe balance bike.

They’re super easy to maneuvre

Riding a balance bike is basically all about learning how to balance. It’s much simpler than learning how to ride a bicycle, wherein you have to focus both on balancing and pedalling. This makes the learning process for your toddler less complicated and more enjoyable.

It’s also an easy way to train your child to learn how to control their body, as with a balance bike, they have to learn to use their feet to stop, steer, and turn around.

They build strength and coordination

Just as we mentioned, balance bikes are good training tools for your child’s growing body. Its innovative design naturally encourages kids to use their arms and lift their legs to push themselves forward. Without even realizing, they slowly build their strength up and even fine tune their motor skills, coordination, and agility.

Exercising becomes fun

It can be tricky to introduce your child to the concept of actual physical exercise (other than running amok around the house), so balance bikes are a great and clever way to get them started. Kids as young as two years old will have oodles of fun whizzing around on their very own balance bike, where they have complete freedom to move how they like and where they like. Simply put, it’s a fantastic way to encourage exercise very early on, which means they’ll be more likely to develop healthy habits for later on in life.

They boost development

Besides the boost in motor skills, balance bikes also offer a lot of developmental benefits, such as understanding spatial awareness, activating the vestibular system, and building leg strength. A balance bike can also help tremendously with other youth milestones, such as climbing the stairs or walking backward.

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