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Protect against head injuries while riding scooters or bikes. Our helmets are comfortable, look good and best of all are Australian Bike Standards approved to ensure safety. Measure your child's head to work out which size helmet will fit best.

Protection - Helmets and Gloves

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Does Your Child Need a Protection Helmet?

The short answer is: yes.

Helmets, despite their display of aesthetically pleasing designs, are far from a mere decoration. The helmet is an essential utility item that is designed for destruction (and we mean that in the best possible sense). They are made to deflect and resist impact, big or small ones. If one were to bump their head while walking through a low doorway, they would not be seriously hurt as the helmet would absorb the impact while remaining totally intact.

While riding scooters, make sure to protect against head injuries by wearing a helmet. Our helmets are extra comfortable, have awesome designs, and are approved by Australian Bike Standards for safety. For best results, find a helmet that best suits your child’s needs.

If your child falls off on their scooter, which is at times, inevitable, a helmet will absorb the shock. Do not fret if a helmet breaks or cracks, as this means that it is doing its job. It takes in the impact and the energy that would otherwise go to the helmet wearer’s head. Think of it as the helmet sacrificing itself so that its wearer does not suffer from any injury.

For a helmet to do its job to the fullest extent, it must be the perfect fit for your child’s head, and it must also be worn correctly. If a helmet fails to cover a part of the head, then it will not be protected. Helmets are made to cover the entire head, and that of course includes the forehead. If a rider were to fall forward, their head would be protected thanks to the helmet.

Similarly, if the helmet is worn improperly, such as hanging loose to the point that it moves around the head, impact will not be absorbed completely. This is because it is not placed in a way in which it is designed to fit snugly. If the helmet does not wrap around the wearer’s head completely, then the kinetic energy is focused through a smaller part of the head at a greater pounds-per-square inch. The helmet must be worn correctly, that is without any excess space or without revealing any part of the head, so that impact can be dispersed if, goodness forbid, an accident occurs.

Shop for Helmets and Other Safety Gear for Scooters and Bikes online with Toy Hunters

Here at Toy Hunters, we know how important protection is for your kids, especially when they are taking on the challenge of scooters, trikes and bicycles.

That’s why we offer a huge range of protective gear, including gloves and helmets.

Keep you children safe and protected with a protective helmet made especially for kids. You can shop our collection of safety products and helmets online from anywhere in Australia. We dispatch all orders fast from our Sydney warehouse, and with flexible buy now, pay later options and great low prices, you can’t go past Toy Hunters when it comes to safety helmets.

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