Buying Present for Children - How to Pick the Right Toys

Buying Present for Children - How to Pick the Right Toys

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Buying presents isn’t the easiest task. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or just because, there is just so much to think about when it comes to gift shopping.

When it comes to finding a present for kids, it can be even more complicated. There are just so many different kinds of toys, an overwhelming amount. So, how do you find the toy that they are truly going to enjoy and that isn’t just going to end up on the pile with the rest of their toys?

Well, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of things to think about and some toy ideas that make great presents for kids of any age. So, whether you’re looking for toys for your own child, a relative or a friend’s child, keep reading to make it that much easier!

Factors to consider when shopping for toys

Ask any parent and they will probably tell you that their child has enough toys. And while you don’t want to contribute to a collection of toys that have ended up in the forgotten basket – if you’re reading this, you’re trying to find that worthwhile toy that is going to provide endless hours of fun.

So, when toy shopping, take some of these factors into consideration:

1. Choose simple over spectacular

It is certainly tempting to shoot for the stars when buying gifts, especially when it comes to toys. There’s a bit of a rush when a child is so excited upon receiving a gift.

And while one with all the bells and whistles in the world will certainly grab their attention, often the old keep it simple principle will serve you well.

Often these whizzbang flashy toys can be limited in how they are used or played with, and may also be quite complicated to set up, which can quickly bore children. And with specified ways in which they can be used potentially limiting the child’s imagination when they play with it, the flashy toy is just not going to maintain their attention in the long run.

Open ended toys, or ones that provide lots of different ways to play with it are likely to keep them entertained! Action figuresLego sets, and Sylvanian Families figurines are all simple and fun toys for kids.

2. Choose a toy that can be shared

The development of social skills is a very important for children. And a great way to do this is by learning to play with other children. They can learn how to interact with other people, and also the joy that comes from cooperation and sharing.

Building blocks and model sets are toys that are fun to play with alone and with others. Kids can work together to build things from their imagination or by following instructions. An added bonus of toys of this nature is that adults can also play along too. This helps kids with developing social skills with people of all ages!

3. Choose toys that can help them develop other skills

Childhood is a time that is jampacked with learning and development. Play time and toys are quite vital for kids to not only learn about the world around them, but also to develop skills that will serve them their entire lives.

Hand-eye coordination, balance, and fine motor skills are two areas where toys can really aid in the development of them. Puzzle sets, balls, building blocks and ride on toys like scooters and tricycles are all great in improving the development of these skills.

4. Choose gifts that will have a long lifespan

When it comes to the lifespan of toys, we mean this in two ways.

First, we mean high-quality and well-made toys. The quality of toys is important because not only are there environmental and sustainability factors but also safety factors at play. Kids are very curious and cheap toys that can be easily broken may be tempting for kids to put in their mouths.

The second way we mean a long lifespan is that there are certain toys that can appeal to a wide range of age groups and even into adult hood. Many adults end up collection items, memorabilia and toys based on things they loved as a child. A great example of toys with a long lifespan is Lego. Lego makes sets to appeal to people of all ages, and all of their sets can be played with together, so one set your child has from when they were 4 may stay in their collection forever.

5. What do they like?

Children can be very adaptable, and more often than not, no matter the toy or gift you give them, they are going to find some joy with it. But kids can also easily become infatuated with certain characters from TV shows and books, and usually these shows, and books will have merchandise and toys available to buy.

Pay attention to what shows they watch, talk about, draw and either look for toys from these programs or that may complement them. TV series like Paw PatrolBluey and the LEGO movies all have a huge range of toys that they will love!

Toy Buying Strategies that Never Fail

If you’re not too sure what to get them, it can be helpful to break down the kinds of toys out there into 4 different categories. These are:

1. Something to ride

Kids love to go fast and feel the wind through their hair, and with the right ride-on toy, they can do this.

A bicycle is a right of passage for any child, but to get them ready for the bike, there are plenty of ride on options that are safe and wonderful to help them develop a range of skills, like balancing, coordination, multitasking and their confidence and self-esteem.

Some ride on toy options out there include:

Tricycles: Options like Italtike trikes, which provide an easy to balance ride on option for kids while also giving them a chance to learn how to steer and pedal at the same time, as well as control their speed.

Scooters: Scooters from brands like Globber are a popular option because they have many styles and models that are designed to grow with your child as they develop. These scooters can go from having little seats for the kids to comfortably ride upon to being able to be a full-blown scooter that can be used by kids and early teens. A super versatile option.

Balance bikes: These are a great option for when they aren’t quite ready for the full responsibility of a bicycle but are beyond the tricycle stage. Balance bikes have all the features of a bike, except for the pedals. So, to move them your child needs to be able to walk, run and roll with the bike, and they can control the steering at the same time. They help to make the transition to riding a real bike a lot smoother.

2. Something to make

Kids are curious and love to create. Whether they are using their imagination or following instructions, having the chance to build something themselves fills them with pride, joy, and a whole lot of fun.

Toys like painting sets, beading and jewellery making kits, Lego sets, and just general arts and crafts goodies can stimulate them for ages and also let them make something they can be proud of!

Lego sets are particularly valuable as they provide not only an opportunity to build something in particular but then to use it for free play, making them super versatile.

3. Something to learn

Play time is also a time of learning and many toy offer educational benefits as well as a whole lot of fun.

Toys that are particularly good for learning are sets where they need to follow instructions to build a particular model, like Lego and Meccano sets. Meccano sets also have the added bonus of being a little more complicated than Lego and require an understanding of how the pieces fit together.

For very young kids, shape sorting toys where they can match the shape to right shaped hole are particularly great options.

Puzzles are also a great option for kids (and adults) as puzzle sets are available in all sorts of styles and sizes.

Another popular option that provides a learning opportunity are role play and pretend play style toys like cash registers, cooking sets, and tools. Toy replicas of real-life objects can help children understand the world around them a little more.

4. Something to love

There’s no denying it, kids love soft toys. They can be cuddly, comforting, and best of all, they can keep them forever.

We’ve all either still got a toy or a fond memory of a plush toy that we cherished as a child – so you can be rest assured that a plush toy is going to be a pretty safe bet when it comes to choosing a gift for a child.

Soft toys come in all sorts of styles, from the traditional teddies to plush toys from their favourite movies and books, like Harry Potter. You’re guaranteed to find something they love.

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