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Since 1985, Sylvanian Families has been loved by many people around the world. It is a nostalgic toy range that attracts people in different age groups. Based on three concepts, Nature, Family and Love, children can explore the power of imagination and creativity through pretend play. They can learn about family life and how to care and share with each other.

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families: A New Addition to Your Family

Ever since 1985, the Sylvanian Families toy line has been loved and cherished by people all over the world. It is a toy range that truly taps into our sense of nostalgia, catering to people in all sorts of different age groups, from little babies to full-grown adults. Sylvanian Families are actually based on three primary concepts: nature, family, and love. Through these, children get to explore the power of their imaginations, as well as their creativity through make-believe and pretend play. This is a fun and incredible way to learn more about the way of family life, how to care, and to practice sharing with one another.

What are Sylvanian Families?

Sylvanian Families is a line of anthropomorphic collectible toy figures created by the Japanese company Epoch, which has since been distributed worldwide by several companies. The characters, all grouped into different families, originally featured woodland creatures such as rabbits, bears, beavers, hedgehogs, and mice. However in recent years, they have expanded to other animals like cats, dogs, penguins, monkeys, koalas, and meerkats. They of course remain an iconic 1990s symbol in the craze of children’s collectible toys. The name Sylvanian comes from the word ‘sylvan’, which means ‘of the forest’.

All of the animal families live in Sylvanian Village, where everyone enjoys the world of nature. Set amongst fun, cosy, and enjoyable everyday lives, the plastic toy figures cover a range of interesting activities in which children get to explore different play patterns. They can also expand their imagination by creating their own stories for their toy families. This is where their sense of kindness and love in family relationships become heightened.

There is also a variety of houses, shops, furniture, and different accessories available, all of which observe fine detail. Every animal figure has a unique expression, form, and size. They have a friendly appeal to everyone, with different aspects that appeal to both boys and girls, including decorating the houses, collecting furniture, and changing outfits. There are no rules or regulations set here; children (and adults!) are allowed to create their very own tales and stories.

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