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Build working, scale models and mechanical devices with Meccano! Dating back to 1898, this model construction system features reusable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, and plastic parts that are connected together using nuts and bolts.


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Buy Meccano Building Sets Online

If you’re looking for a challenging, rewarding and highly empowering toy for your child, you can’t go past the incredible world of Meccano.

Developed all the way back in 1898, Meccano is one of the oldest construction toy systems in the world, offering you and your child endless combinations and hours of fun in every single set.

What is Meccano?

Meccano combines the fun of building, design, construction, engineering, and robotics into their sets.

Using metal and plastic components, you can build models of almost anything, from cars and trucks to helicopters and buildings and basically anything in between.

Sets include reusable metal strips and plats, wheels, nuts, and bolts and sometimes even motors to power your creations.

These sets have been designed to allow you the flexibility to create anything you want.

Who is Meccano for?

Meccano sets are good for kids who are ready for a challenge – perhaps they are already interested in LEGO but need more of a challenge. The Meccano world is super complimentary to LEGO and other building and construction toys.

While many sets are designed for you to build a specific model, you can also create as you wish, therefore making Meccano the perfect toy for kids who like a challenge, love free play, and make be inventers at heart.

There are small pieces in each set, so the kits are usually aimed at slightly older kids, usually from ages 8 and up.

How can I use Meccano?

You can use Meccano sets to build the design or model of your specific kit or you can buy kits that are there for you to create whatever you wish. The beauty of Meccano is that the pieces are made for you to experiment. Interchangeable and able to be used with one another, making your own thing with Meccano will be some of the best fun you can have.

Where can I buy Meccano from?

If you’re looking to buy Meccano kits online in Australia, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Here at Toy Hunters, we have a range of Meccano kits and sets ready for you. We have sets aimed for kids of all ages, whether they are just dipping their toe into the world of Meccano or seasoned builders. And with great low prices, Australia-wide shipping, and flexible payment options, like AfterPay and ZipPay, why would you get yours from anywhere else?

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