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LEGO® Creator Expert sets deliver an enjoyable building experience with highly detailed models that spark the imagination and evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance and adventure, often with a touch of humor—from elaborate modular buildings with stories to tell to iconic landmarks, fairground rides and vehicles. Selected models support LEGO Power Functions, while the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Buildings series models can be combined to create a street or town setting.

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Are you ready to take a step up in your LEGO building? Perhaps you’ve developed those building skills to be pretty advanced and now you’re looking for a set that you’re not going to be able to build in 10 minutes!

Well, look no further, because an Expert LEGO Creator set is just what you need. And you happen to be in the right place to get one.

What is a LEGO Creator Expert Set?

These LEGO sets are the truly advanced sets. Taking on iconic landmarks, buildings, houses, vehicles, and everyday objects, these sets incorporate so much detail that it’s hard to differentiate between your LEGO model and the real thing when you complete the build.

These kits have been designed to make sure the LEGO journey never ends. Just because you spend less time using imaginative play with your LEGO sets, it doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying LEGO.

These LEGO sets are just like puzzles and keep challenging you and your building ability every step of the way.

Who are Creator Expert LEGO kits for?

LEGO Creator Experts kits are aimed for the adults who never want to stop playing and building with LEGO. And with these sets, you really don’t have to stop.

LEGO Expert Creator kits start at being recommended for ages 18 and up, however, if you’re a budding LEGO expert in your teens, you can give them a go.

The detailed sets may even be fun for couples, parents and kids, or even siblings to have a go at together. While they are more complicated than the average LEGO set, a Creator Expert LEGO set is still a whole heap of fun!

These sets combine the real world around you, and the nostalgia of playing with LEGO to create incredible models that you can proudly display in your home.

Where can you get LEGO Creator Experts Sets in Australia?

If you’re ready to step up to the challenge when it comes to building your LEGO sets, then a Creator Expert kit is just what you need. And you just so happen to be in the perfect to get one fast and easily.

At Toy Hunters, we have a huge range of Creator Expert LEGO sets that are going to challenge and excite you every step of the way.

You can buy your LEGO Creator Expert set from anywhere in Australia, because along with fast dispatch, great low prices and Buy Now, Pay Later options, we also offer Australia-wide shipping.

When it comes to LEGO, we don’t stop at Creator Expert sets, we also have Creator 3-in-1 kits, LEGO Technic kits, LEGO Ninjago sets, LEGO Architecture and City sets and LEGO Harry Potter – to name a few.

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Shop online with Toy Hunters for your LEGO Creator Expert Kits and toys today!