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Build your LEGO collection with Toy Hunters

LEGO - the ultimate toy beloved by all. The humble brick is much more than your average toy. Having entertained generation after generation,
LEGO transcends time, age, and gender to be the toy that allows your child (and you) to build a world all of their own.

When it comes to LEGO, there are no limits. Your child's imagination can run free as they build LEGO towers, vehicles, architectural landmarks and even entire universes.
And the best part is, your child is learning as they play!

7 important skills that can be learned with LEGO

Entertainment is endless for both you and your children when it comes to LEGO, but it’s not just the entertainment factor of LEGO that makes it so good.

LEGO is all about hands on learning, from their first LEGO Duplo set all the way to a LEGO architecture masterpiece, you can watch your child grow, develop,
and learn a lot of life’s handy skills along the way.

LEGO is an engagin way for children to learn through play. Some of the most important skills children can learn when playing with LEGO include:

Colours and Shapes

With LEGO available in many different colours, shapes and sizes, there is no better way to help your child learn these.
You can show them the different colours and shapes and help them to identify them. Whether they are following instructions to build something specific,
or they are free playing, understanding the differences in colours and shapes is vital when it comes to building in LEGO. And because you can build anything,
you can create new shapes with your LEGO pieces.

Improve Fine Motor Skills, Dexterity and Strength

With bricks of all different sizes and shapes, LEGO is a great way for kids to learn how to use their hands and manoeuvre their
fingers to fit the pieces together. Kids need to hold, manipulate, and apply pressure in a variety of different ways due to the huge range of shapes and
sizes of the Lego bricks and this can help when building the strength, coordination and fluid dexterity of the hands and fingers. This will aid in their
ability to write, dress, and play as they get older.

Cooperative Play, Teamwork and Communication

LEGO can be a great tool to encourage group play, sharing and friendship. Whether they are working together to build a specific LEGO model,
or just playing with a collection of LEGO bricks, communication is vital. It can teach kids to take turns, share and work together to achieve a goal. Along with building a
LEGO structure, your child might be building a friendship.

Problem Solving, Spatial Awareness, Maths and Reason

LEGO is essentially a puzzle, whether you’re building something from your imagination or following the instructions of an intricate LEGO Technic set,
a puzzle is being solved. Without realising it, when a child plays with LEGO, they are learning concepts like cause and effect, problem solving and logic reasoning.
Figuring out how the pieces need to go together to create their LEGO masterpiece is a fun way to develop these cognitive skills.

Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

Intricate designs lead to great reward but getting there requires a lot of patience and trial and error. The great thing with LEGO is that even if you
finish building your tower, vehicle, model, set, hours of play still lie ahead, which encourages your child to keep going to be able to play in another way.

Sense of Accomplishment and Self Confidence

At the completion of any LEGO build, you will see your child’s confidence soar. Not only have they completed their LEGO project, but they have learnt
how to do something new, which can help to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. They discover what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. Because there are so many
varieties of Lego and ways that you can play with it, your child can go on a self-discovery to discover their interests and boundaries.

Encourages Creativity

While many LEGO sets come with building instructions, there are no set rules, and giving your child LEGO bricks without any instructions can allow
them to build ideas from their own imagination. As they play with the pieces to build their creations, they are problem solving and losing their inhibitions, all while having fun and learning.

Watch your child learn as they grow with LEGO

Many of life’s important skills are nurtured and encouraged when playing with LEGO. Kids from 2 and up can experience the thrill of playing with LEGO. Some of the best LEGO sets by age are:

LEGO Duplo – perfect for little ones between ages 2-5

LEGO Batman – Ages 4 and up

LEGO City – Ages 5 and up

LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends – Ages 6 and up

LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Ninjago – Ages 7 and up

LEGO Creator – Ages 10 and up

LEGO Architecture – Ages 12 and up

LEGO Technic – Ages 16 and up

While LEGO sets range in difficulty, with some being better for certain age groups than others, one thing to keep in mind is that LEGO isn’t just for the kids.
Teens and adults can get in on the fun of LEGO!

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Whether you’re shopping for a kid or for yourself, at Toy Hunters, we’ve got your LEGO needs covered. From simple classic LEGO sets to get your collection started to iconic
LEGO Architecture landmark sets, and everything in between, you can truly create a LEGO universe with our range of LEGO.

Shopping for LEGO is simple with Toy Hunters. We offer Australia-wide shipping, and a wide variety of payment options – you can even play today and pay later with Afterpay – get your LEGO fix online today!