15 Biggest and Craziest LEGO Builds of All Time

15 Biggest and Craziest LEGO Builds of All Time

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Building large LEGO sets is no joke (trust us, we’ve tried and quit many times), let alone constructing life-sized LEGO structures. But for some mad genius people or kids at heart, if you will, it’s just child’s play. For them, building massive LEGO creations and life-like LEGO statues is where the real challenge and LEGO-high kicks in.

In this piece, we’re going to show you some of the world’s craziest and biggest LEGO builds ever constructed. While some of these are personal favourites, keep in mind that these are not ranked in any way, as the term “big” can be viewed in terms of size and piece count.

Without further ado, first up!

1. Mother Polar Bear and Cubs

Size: Life-size and weighs 285kg

Piece Count: 125,000 LEGO bricks

Time to build: 4 months

This life-sized LEGO sculpture of a mother polar bear and her kids is a piece of art that was built by LEGO artist Sean Kenney. The same artist built a life-size polar bear in 2010 with around 95,000 LEGO bricks.

That creation took him nearly 2 months, but this one took 4 months of building. Talk about dedication and patience!

Also, this time he took it to the next level by including not just one, but three cute and life-like baby polar bears that will surely melt your heart once you see them in person.

This LEGO sculpture is part of his traveling exhibit called Animal Super Powers.

2. Largest LEGO T-Rex skeleton

Size: 6m in length

Piece Count: 80,020 LEGO pieces

Time to build: According to the builder himself, “it took a whole summer”

This next piece may come short of one hundred thousand pieces but make no mistake about it. It’s still worthy of a Guinness World Record as the largest LEGO brick skeleton.

This life-size LEGO version of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was built by Nathan Sawaya. Nathan is a LEGO enthusiast and he’s recognized by the toy giant itself as a LEGO Master Builder and a LEGO Certified Professional. It’s no wonder this guy is reaping world records like it’s no big deal!

Yes, aside from this LEGO dinosaur skeleton, he also has other award-winning LEGO builds, but more on that later. Check more of his works in his touring exhibition called “The Art of the Brick”.

But before that, you can get your kid recreate this masterpiece with a LEGO Jurassic World T rex set.

3. Earl Grey The Elephant

Size: Around 2.4m (8ft) tall, weighs a whopping 1500kg!

Piece Count: 271,739 LEGO bricks

Time to build: 1600 hours

Our next amazing LEGO creation may not be a world record holder, but Earl Grey The Elephant is certainly one of the best there is.

Earl Grey is a LEGO version of an African elephant that was made by Bright Brick, a LEGO building company. This giant LEGO build is part of the Great Brick Safari collection that features 80 models of animals from the wild such as ostrich, tiger, lion and cub, gorilla and others.

The collection itself consists of a whopping 1,023,839 bricks of LEGO and weighs 5,365 kg! It took 65 LEGO builders from the Bright Bricks team and over nine months to complete such an extensive exhibit.

4. Brickley the Sea Serpent

Size: 15.2m long or 50 ft (some sites say it’s 30ft)

Piece Count: 170, 000 LEGO bricks

Time to build: unknown

If you’ve ever been to Disney World in Orlando Florida, chances are, you’ve already met Brickley the Sea Serpent. With its goofy eyes and incredibly long tail that curls in and out of the water, he’s not that hard to notice.

Brickley was first introduced to the world in 1997 and was placed in Lake Buena Vista in Disney world, just right across from the LEGO Imagination Center.

Since then, Brickley has been touring the globe, appearing in several LEGO stores around the world. But occasionally, he still goes back home to personally welcome the visitors to the LEGO store in Downtown Disney.

5. Largest LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

Size: 4.38m tall, 5.42m long, and 4.93m wide

Piece Count: over 800,000 bricks

Time to build: 6700 hours

The Sakura tree is very symbolic in Japanese culture. That’s why in 2018, LEGOLAND Japan celebrated its first anniversary by unveiling the world’s largest life-size cherry blossom tree made of LEGO bricks.

The best thing about it is that it also lights up during the evening, thanks to the LEGO lanterns hanging on its branches.

This LEGO Sakura tree was designed and built by a team of LEGO builders in the Czech Republic and then transported to Japan for final assembly.

6. Largest Brick Caravan

Size: 5.8m long, 2.2m wide, 2.35m tall

Piece Count: 288, 630 bricks

Time to build: Five weeks

This life-size LEGO brick caravan is the largest in the whole world.

It was designed and built by Ben Craig, famously known as The Brick Builder, and his team in Australia for the 50th anniversary of the Queensland Caravanning and Camping Show.

The LEGO brick caravan was modeled after a 1973 Viscount Royale and surprisingly looks exactly like it! From the size to the white and orange colourways, and the basic amenities like running water and electricity.

You can even go inside and play some checkers! Below are other fun LEGO builds you’ll see inside:

●flowers and flowerpot

●milk and cheese in the fridge

●a piece of toast

●a saucepan and fried egg

●and of course, the Aussie favourite, a jar of Vegemite

7. Largest LEGO statues of Superheroes

Size: In number, 11. Each statue stands taller than the average height

Piece Count: Around 2 million LEGO

Time to build: 18 months

A life-size LEGO statue of one superhero is already impressive enough, but to build 11 of them. Man, that’s otherworldly! This is the very exact thing that Nathan Sawaya did when he built 11 LEGO DC superheroes and broke a world record at the same time.

It seems that this famed LEGO artist and master builder just doesn’t miss, doesn’t he?

The collection includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Diana Prince, Krypto, and of course, Batman. Much like the LEGO T-rex skeleton, these gigantic statues are part of his touring exhibit: The Art of the Brick.

8. Tallest LEGO Tower

Size: 36m tall

Piece Count: More than 500,000 bricks

Time to build: Over two weeks

This record-breaking LEGO structure in Tel Aviv, Israel is definitely in the Mount Rushmore category of biggest LEGO creations, at least in our opinion. But not for the reason you think of.

Its colourful patterns and towering might is certainly (and officially) amazing, but it’s the story behind it that makes it truly wonderful.

The tower is called Omer Tower, named after an 8-year-old boy named Omer Sayag who died of cancer in 2014. According to his teachers, Omer loved building LEGO towers during his battle with cancer.

To commemorate him, his teachers started the project with the help of the residents and the municipality who donated building blocks to complete the tower.

9. Largest LEGO F1 Race Car

Size: 5.71m long, 2.048m wide, and 1.072m tall

Piece Count: 504,202 LEGO bricks

Time to build: Unknown

If you liked the LEGO brick caravan earlier, you’ll definitely love this life-size Formula 1 race car made of LEGOs.

This LEGO race car was built by the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation to inaugurate the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021.

While this F1 race car may not be built for the tracks, it’s certainly made for the ‘Gram. It was purposely built inside a local mall so that people could watch the creation of the LEGO F1 car.

10. Life-size LEGO Bugatti Chiron

Size: Just like a Bugatti Chiron!

Piece Count: Over 1M LEGO Technic pieces

Time to build: Around 18 months

That F1 Race car is sick, no doubt about it. But compared to this next car made of LEGO Technic elements, it's cute.

This life-like LEGO Bugatti Chiron is proof that you can build just about anything only using LEGOs. It’s a full-size and, wait for it, a drivable Bugatti that can hit a top speed of 13 mph! Not bad for a “toy car” right?

Although, you can argue that having a whole team of LEGO’s very own top designers and engineers is a cheat code, but still, building a functional LEGO Bugatti is one of the most remarkable feats in LEGO building.

11. Largest LEGO cruise ship

Size: 8.44 m long, 1.33 m wide and 1.53 m tall

Piece Count: More than 2.5 million LEGO bricks

Time to build: 2 months

In terms of size, the LEGO Creator Titanic set is the world’s biggest LEGO playset. But if you put it next to this LEGO cruise ship, it will certainly look like a rowboat. That’s how massive this LEGO build is.

It’s a large-scale replica of the World Dream cruise ship that a Hong Kong Tourism company called Dream Cruises launched in 2018.

Andy Hung, China’s first-ever LEGO-certified professional, built this gigantic LEGO ship with the help of more than a thousand cruise line guests to snatch the world record.

12. Pharaoh Statue

Size: 4.8m tall

Piece Count: 200,000 plus LEGO bricks

Time to build: Five months

When you think of pharaohs, you probably think of dusty and cracked statues, aged by time, displayed in a well-lit museum hall. But you’ve probably never seen it built with more long-lasting plastic bricks. Well, now you have.

This huge LEGO statue of an Egyptian pharaoh is part of a great collection called Kingdom of the Pharaohs at LEGOland Windsor.

It’s not even the best part. This LEGO pharaoh floated down the Thames River, following the footsteps of Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, who also had a massive statue that floated down that same river.

13. LEGO Full-size house

Size: 20 ft tall

Piece Count: 3.3 million LEGO bricks

Time to build: Almost seven weeks

Some people want to build a holiday home by the beach or a cabin deep into the woods. But some people, by some people we mean James May from BBC, want a two-storey LEGO house in a vineyard. And that’s exactly what he did.

This is the world’s first full-size LEGO house complete with a working toilet, a hot shower, and a (slightly) uncomfortable bed, built only from LEGOs.

Together with around 1000 volunteers, James May built the LEGO house in Denbies Wines Estate in Dorking, Surrey in 2009. It’s part of his BBC program entitled “James May’s Toy Stories.

Sadly, authorities had to take down the LEGO house as the winery needed to use the land and no one wanted to buy it, including the Legoland in Windsor, because of the costs and challenges in logistics.

14. LEGO Star Wars X-Wing fighter

Size: 13.1m long, 3.35m tall, and a wingspan of 13.4m

Piece Count: 5,335,200 LEGO bricks

Time to build: 17,000 hours (equivalent to nearly 23 months)

We all know LEGO has the designers and builders in the game. As if we needed more proof, they once again wowed us with this exact, full-scale replica of the Star Wars X-Wing fighter in 2013.

To date, this is the largest LEGO Star Wars model in the whole world! It looks as if you bought a regular LEGO Star Wars playset, built it, and reverse-pinched it to make it bigger.

With this otherworldly kind of feat, we’re pretty sure The Force was with the 32 LEGO master builders that constructed it.

15. Middle Earth

Size: 628 square metres

Piece Count: 150 million LEGO blocks, no biggie

Time to build: THREE YEARS

Of course, we’re saving the MOST EPIC for last. And even that is an understatement.

This LEGO diorama of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings is the world’s largest diorama made of interlocking bricks. Which is probably the best way to pay homage to arguably one of the biggest movie franchises in history.

From the Shire to Mordor, this LEGO Middle Earth is complete with brick versions of Uruk-hai soldiers, flowing lava rivers, and epic battles at the Helms Deep and The Black Gate.

A pack of fifty designers-slash-builders-slash-Ringers built this record-breaking (and jaw-dropping) LEGO likeness of Middle Earth in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

And that wraps up our list!

If you want to build your record-breaking LEGO creation someday, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? You can start building fun LEGO sets for all ages then work your way up to the point where you build exactly what you’ve imagined.

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