Why Collecting LEGO Sets is a Great Hobby and Investment

Why Collecting LEGO Sets is a Great Hobby and Investment

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LEGO isn’t just meant for kids - adults are well and truly on the LEGO scene and could probably be the reason why the toy company has put out complex sets in the past several years. In fact, many adults now, probably grew up playing with LEGO and the love for it never died.

While some people might think LEGO is for kids, the reality is that LEGO sets are not only a whole lot of fun for kids, but they are also a great hobby AND investment for its avid collectors.

Let’s dive into the world of LEGO building and collecting and see if this buildable toy is The One for you

A Short History of LEGO

Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, LEGO is a Danish toy company that has prided itself to be one of the most successful businesses in the 20th century.

The LEGO block that we know today was first released in the 1940s to 1950s. It has undergone changes but, in the end, LEGO was able to come up with a toy that is educational and captures the imagination of the child.

LEGO was meant to be a system of blocks that may seem uninspiring on their own but to a child it can be whatever - or whoever - it wants it to be, over and over again. The concept of LEGO blocks is also meant to stand the test of time, able to fit to any other sized block from not only the set you have but pretty much every other LEGO set ever.

Today, LEGO is run by a third-generation Kristiansen, and the company continues to give people all over the world a reason to play and have simplistic fun.

Collecting as a Hobby and Investment

Regardless of your age and gender, LEGO has turned numerous people into collectors and its numbers continue to grow with each passing year.

If you have had a lifelong interest in LEGO, you would like to revisit your childhood once again, or if you have suddenly taken a keen interest in LEGO in recent years as a grown-up, we’ve broken down key reasons why collecting LEGO can be a worthwhile investment and a great hobby to help pass time.

It makes you healthy

How can sitting hours on end, concentrating on building LEGO sets, make you healthy?

We aren’t talking about physical health here.

Sure, building LEGO sets isn’t as physically tiring or good for you as a session at the gym but people tend to forget that there are other aspects of our health that we tend to neglect (and which LEGO can help improve!)

Let’s say you’ve had a tiring day at work or school. You’re stressed out over a new project that’s due soon. Some people would hit the gym or have a round of drinks at the local pub and that’s fine. A lot of people do this to cope with stress. Now what if you’ve decided to get into LEGO instead?

LEGO can be a huge stressbuster and it’s been proven time and time again by many hobbyists that LEGO building has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Sometimes letting your mind concentrate on other tasks can help with your mental health. Whenever you try to build a set, your mind is zeroing in on your fingertips grasping the small blocks, not on your boss’s unreasonable demands at work.

Another healthy reason why LEGO is good for you is that it helps you bond with other people, thus strengthening your emotional health. Building LEGO sets on your own is fun, sure, but you know what they say – “Two heads are better than one!” – and in this case, having someone figure out the set alongside you is a great way to bond and spend time with loved ones or friends.

There are many LEGO sets that are complex and can cause frustration to even the most seasoned collector, but if more than one person pitches in and help, you’d have the set done in no time!

LEGO sets retain their value

Let’s talk about how LEGO sets are pretty awesome in keeping with its market value, and in some cases, even appreciates over time.

If you think that these are just simple toys to play around with, you’re wrong: In a 2021 article, LEGO is seen as a more lucrative investment than gold. In the same article, it also suggests that secondhand LEGO sets tend to appreciate better annual returns than other collectibles such as wine or other types of investments such as stocks or bonds.

We’ll discuss more about how LEGO can be seen as a worthwhile investment later on.

There’s a LEGO set for everyone

Think that LEGOs are just for the geeks and the hardcore fanatics of franchises (think Potterheads and Star Wars fans).

But what if you’re into gardening? There’s a LEGO set for that!

What if you’re into Formula 1 racing? There’s a LEGO set for that!

What if you’re into astronomy? There’s a LEGO set for that!

No matter your interests, you will find that LEGO has somehow turned even the most mundane or ordinary things into LEGO sets.

The LEGO community is a fun bunch

Collectors and purveyors of LEGO sets, unite!

The LEGO community is composed of people of all ages and backgrounds. This is unsurprising since the simplicity of building LEGO sets has a universal appeal.

You will find that the LEGO community is a welcoming and friendly group of people who share the same passion. Due to the restrictions posed by the recent COVID pandemic, meeting people face to face might still be an issue; however, the internet has proven itself worthy because of the numerous forums and websites dedicated to LEGO.

How to Buy LEGO sets as a form of investment

If you think that investing in LEGO sets is something right up your alley, here are a few tips to keep in mind before spending:

●Buy sets that are likely to “retire” soon: LEGO halts production or “retires” sets after a certain time period. To know which set is about to go off the radar, head over to LEGO’s official website. Under the option “last chance to buy”, you’ll see sets that are about to see the end of their days on the LEGO website and stores worldwide. The only thing about buying such sets is that if LEGO decides to restart production; even so, there would still be a gap between reproduction and the demand for sets that aren’t available anymore in stores or online is still very much present.

●Limited and seasonal sets are your best bets: as with any collectible, the rarer it is, the more valuable it tends to be. The same goes for LEGO sets.

●Take good care of it: if you buy LEGO sets with the intention of selling it in the future, you should keep it as it is: unopened. The more pristine the box, the higher the value. However, if you wish to play around with your LEGO sets before letting them go, make sure to keep the instruction manual. Store the box vertically and on a shelf (similar to how we store books) so that it won’t lose its shape and integrity. Your storage room should be dark and dry; this prevents the print on the box to fade over time.

●Buy sets after 1999: if you think the older, the better – you’re wrong. In LEGO’s case, sets that were produced before 1999 were pretty much unimaginative. Go for LEGO sets from the early 2000s as those can cost a small fortune nowadays. Even sets from a year ago have appreciated in value.

●One size fits all: no matter the size of the set – whether it’s thousands of pieces or just a limited edition LEGO figure – its size won’t matter in the secondary market. As long as it is out of production, hard to find, and in pristine condition, there’s a high chance that it will fetch you some pretty penny.

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Whether it’s for personal pleasure or as a form of investment, LEGO sets are definitely worth buying. Revisit your childhood and rediscover the magic that LEGO brings.

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