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Grit Glam - 2 Wheel Scooter - Vapour Purple Blue 2021 Grit Glam - 2 Wheel Scooter - Vapour Purple Blue 2021
Grit Glam - 2 Wheel Scooter - Vapour Purple Blue 2021
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Buy Grit Scooters Online Australia

Grit Scooters: Your Next Ultimate Ride

Grit Scooters were originally made for professional riders, but nowadays they have an amazing range of
scooter choices for kids or beginners who are just starting out and want to get in on this exciting lifestyle!

Grit Scooters are designed and tested in Australia, with each model built to the absolute highest standard.

They incorporate the latest in computer-aided design techniques and input from riders all around the world to
create some of the most advanced scooters available on the market. Using only the first in top quality grade raw materials, Grit Scooters
constantly strive to improve their line of portable wheels, ensuring that the brand stays at the top of the line when it comes to extreme

Whatever your style, skill, or lifestyle may be, Grit has a scooter tailored just for you.

Grit Scooters are a beloved Australian brand that have established themselves well internationally over
the past few years. They sell stunt scooters that keep every rider at any level happy. They are not only fantastic in appearance,
but they are also most superb in quality! All Grit Scooters go through a rigorous test to ensure utmost strength and reliability,
having been developed by the company’s own seasoned and professional riders.

Choose Your Grit Scooter

Grit Atom Scooters

For younger or smaller riders, the Grit Atom would be the perfect choice. It observes a handle bar that is
slightly shorter in stature compared to other models. It’s also quite much lighter in weight. This particular model is popular among young
children for ages six and up.

Grit Extremist Scooters

The Extremist is a bigger and tougher version of the Grit Atom scooter. It boasts an upgraded deck, plus forks
and a back brake, which makes it stronger and more reliable for performing tricks. This type is also suitable for beginner riders, and is a
decent entry point to the stunt scooter world.

Grit Angel Scooters

The Grit Angel is another terrific beginner level scooter, combining lightweight alloy with hi-tensile steel
for a perfect balance of efficiency and strength. It is light and strong for safe riding, and its handlebar and fork provides fantastic
strength and durability even when taken through high stress areas.

Shop for Grit Scooters online with Toy Hunters

If your child is ready for the thrill only a Grit Scooter can bring, then here at Toy Hunters, we’ve got
just what you need to get them started.

Our collection of Grit Scooters includes a wide variety of models, colours and styles, so no matter your child’s
age or preferences, there is a Grit Scooter perfect for them.

It’s super easy for you to get your hands on a Grit Scooter, no matter where you are in Australia. We offer
Australia-wide shipping from Sydney, and with fast dispatch, flexible payment options and great, low prices, you really can’t beat Toy
Hunters when buying Grit Scooters online.

Shop online today for the best range of Grit Scooters in Australia!