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Globber 5-in-1 and 4-in-1 scooters. Suitable for children 1 year and over, start with a ride on scooter then convert to a 3 wheel standing scooter. Award winning design.

Globber Convertible Scooters

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Globber Convertible Scooters will change your child’s life!

The ultimate all-in-one experience for any child, these 5-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible scooters can be modified in accordance with your child’s age, skillset, or just simply their preference. This can be done easily 100% without tools, meaning you can change modes even while on the go. Children as young as toddlers can use them perfectly fine, and it is guaranteed to last them throughout the years as they develop their balance, motor skills, and stability.

The height of the handlebars can also be easily adjusted, so even as your child grows in height, the comfort and build of the scooter shouldn’t pose a problem. Some particular models even have removable foot plates where children can rest their feet as their parents guide and push them forward.

Why choose a Globber Convertible Scooter?

Fully adjustable

There are five fun and practical modes in which you can set your convertible scooter to: a 2-wheel scooter, a 3-wheel scooter, a walking car, a balance bike, and a tricycle. You can adjust as deemed necessary according to your child’s skills, preferences, and comfort.

Grows with your child

The award-winning Globber 5-in-1 is designed to grow at the same pace as your child does. With five stages suitable for children from 12 months to 6 years of age, each mode encourages development and progress as the child advances.

The first stage sports a ride-on seat with a footrest, plus a parental handlebar which you can use to grasp full control of the scooter. With this feature, you can guide your little one down the street by pushing the scooter and they can get used to the feeling of gliding along the paths.

The second stage allows the child to push along with you by removing the footrest. Once they’ve gotten a good enough grip on their feet, you may remove the handlebar, which is stage three.

The fourth mode turns the convertible scooter into a beginner scooter, in which the seat is removed. For stage five, adjust the height of the T-bar to match your child’s height. Now a full-fledged scooter with a rear brake and assisted steering lock, your child is ready to take on the road with perfect mastery of balance and movement.

Provides utmost safety and comfort

The Globber Convertible Scooter features a comfortable seat support bar that can move the seat as needed for additional space and comfort. The use of a long rear brake also helps prolong the wheels’ life, along with an extra low deck that ensures maximum stability and functionality. Additionally, the handy steering lock button lets you control the system, preventing the front wheels from turning until you’re ready to use them.

Even throughout the constant switching amongst modes and the effect of usage after many years, the scooter will still remain just as steady and durable.

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