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In LEGO® Jurassic World™, children can roam, swim or fly with awe-inspiring dinosaurs … or turn hero by joining the mission to save the day. With a Jurassic helicopter, off-road vehicle, transporter and pen sets, they can play out the film’s action-packed scenes over and over again – or make up their own stories!

Buy Jurassic World LEGO Sets Online

If you’re looking for adventure with a hint of prehistoric times, then you really can’t go past the Jurassic World LEGO sets.

Inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise, the Jurassic World LEGO sets let you be part of the action of exciting and nail biting experiences!

Whether you want to be a dinosaur researcher like Owen Grady or you want to be one of the dinosaurs in the thick of things, you play however you like with an awesome and educational LEGO Jurassic World set.

What is Jurassic World LEGO?

Jurassic World LEGO has been created to allow you and your kids immerse yourselves into the thrilling Jurassic Park World – a place where dinosaurs are beloved.

You can re-enact scenes from the movies, use your imagination to make your own, or simply build and display your own prehistoric set.

With a variety of characters; awesome vehicles like helicopters, boats and off-road vehicles; settings like science labs and forest landscapes; and of course, dinosaurs available in the range, you can create an entire Jurassic World Universe that is just waiting to be explored.

Who are LEGO Jurassic World Sets for?

The range of Jurassic World LEGO sets has been created to allow people of almost any age be able to join in the fun.

Some easier to construct Jurassic LEGO sets are suitable for kids as young as 4, while many of the other sets will keep even the oldies excited.

There’s no age limit on LEGO fun, especially when it comes to dinosaurs – who doesn’t love dinosaurs right?

Where can you get LEGO Jurassic World Sets in Australia?

If you’re looking for Jurassic World LEGO sets, then you just happen to be in the right place. Here at Toy Hunters, we’ve got a huge collection of LEGO sets for the Jurassic World and Dinosaur lovers.

Join in the fun and adventure of this prehistoric playland from anywhere in Australia. We make it easy to get your hands on Jurassic World LEGO sets no matter where you are, with fast dispatch, Australia-wide Shipping and Buy Now, Pay Later payment options.

In addition to our Jurassic World LEGO kits, we’ve also got a huge range of other LEGO sets and themes available, including LEGO City, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Technic, and LEGO Disney sets.

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