Globber Scooters: the one-size-fits-all scooter

Globber Scooters: the one-size-fits-all scooter

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Globber scooters are specially designed scooters that deliver a high-quality and safe experience for your kids, teenagers or yourself! With its innovative patent design and a wide variety of choices, there is always a Globber product that will satisfy your needs and preferences.

Awards such as the Most Innovative All-Ages Scooter Brand in 2020 by the parents & baby category of LuxLife, a renowned luxury lifestyle magazine in the U.K. have been given to Globber. After careful reviews on the product, Luxlife's team crowned Globber as the most innovative scooter brand!

The Hong Kong Government Consumer Council (GovHK) has also expressed their interest in Globber by giving it the title as the safest scooter out of 15 branded scooters and gave remarkable results from all the tests.

So, what makes Globber Scooters so good? Well, today, we’re going to tell you about some of their designs and features, so you can see why a Globber Scooter might just be what your child (or you) need!

What kind of Globber Scooters are there?

Shopping for scooters can be overwhelming, especially with so many different kinds out there. We’ve put together a quick summary on the features you can expect to find with these major Globber Scooter models.

Primo series

The primo series is the best scooter for kids who are of ages 3+ since it is built with 3-wheels and is designed for those who value functionality, durability, practicality and safety for their children.

What can you expect to find on a Primo scooter for kids? The Primo has been developed as a folding scooter for easier storage and functionality and makes it convenient for travel as well!

Is your child having a hard time mastering their scooter? No worries, with a steering lock button the steering system of the two front wheels is fixed to only move forward and backward, helping your child move at a fast pace while also helping them to gain their confidence and easily balance on the scooter.

All PRIMO kids scooters have a reinforced body frame supporting up to 50kg; durable TPR handlebar grips; and PU casted wheels, to deliver a robust scooter for playtime!

Primo Globber kids scooters allow you to make 90 degree turns with the new steering system for longer, better and easier rides.

Elite series

For ages 3+, the Elite 3-wheel folding scooters feature an easy-to-use patented elliptic folding system. The T-bar can be folded without it detaching from the deck with just one push of a button.

The height of the scooter can be adjusted four times for ages 3 to 9+. This means that you’re not going to have to replace or upgrade your child’s scooter as they grow! It also has a wider deck to place both feet while scooting pr to accommodate growing feet.

Light-up scooters are also available. 3 Flashing colors are embedded into the wheel with a battery-free LED light experience.

The Elite series has its new T-bar with a stylish grip for a better and more comfortable experience while scootering.

Thanks to the steering lock button. Your child can only move forward and backwards, this will help them gain confidence while riding their scooters.

Master series

The Master scooter is aimed for kids 4 and up, and delivers a big, super wide deck design, which comes with high-quality, soft EVA foam for added comfort; an extra adjustable scooter with a 5-height T-bar, for your kids to utilize as they enter their teenage years; and a safe patent folding system for convenient storage!

The Master 3-wheel foldable scooter also has unique features like its extra-wide, anti-slip deck design with soft, high-end, EVA foam in the middle ensures a safer and more comfortable experience for the user.

With its curved 5-height adjustable aluminum T-bar with TPR ergonomic grips, it has the ability to adjust to your child’s height as they age!

For easier storage, the Master’s folding scooter is equipped with its patent folding system and push button to conveniently collapse at any time.

Coming with Globber’s patented steering lock button, the Master 3-wheel foldable scooters allow you to control the steering system of the two front wheels for moving forward and backward. This will help your child gain confidence and balance. Just unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding!

The Master series also comes in seven colours, so you’re bound to find the perfect option for whoever is the lucky recipient!

Ultimum series

Ultimum 3-wheel scooter for kids, teens and adults is the first-ever scooter equipped with the patented, adjustable steering angle control system; it enables you to control the turning radius of the front wheel to fit your preferences when riding your scooter.

The beauty of the Ultimum is that it can be used by kids, teens and adults with its large wheel feature and 125mm foot front wheels with a wide size (43mm) for a better grip and faster rides.

With our convenient knob located at the front side of the scooter deck, the turning radius of the front wheel can be modified to your liking. To decrease the turning radius, just turn it clockwise and counterclockwise to increase the turning radius.

The Ultimum scooter has the widest deck, which allows you to place both your feet while riding. The scooter deck also has a strong foundation, which can take up to 100kg and has anti-slip grips to prevent any unwanted accidents.

The 3-wheel Ultimum scooter for kids and teens comes with a curved, v-shaped 6-height adjustable T-bar for maximum product usage, which is great for children who are approaching the adolescent age. The new designed dual-colour TPR handlebar grips make it more comfortable to use.

ULTIMUM uses an elliptic system, just push the button on the 3-wheel scooter, and you can transport it around just like a trolley.

Get your hands on a Globber

As you can see, Globber has worked hard to cater to people of all ages and all scootering skill levels. So whether you’re buying for a child or you’re thinking about adding some fun to your commute to work, you really can’t go wrong with a Globber.

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