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Zoomer Kitty Meowzies

Meet the Zoomer Meowzies - adorable fluffy-tailed kitty cats you can’t help but love!

The more you play with them, the happier they'll be! Meowzies have special sensors on their head, back and chest so they know when you're petting them. Their LED eyes light up, show you how they're feeling.

If you're in the mood to play, you've just met the right kittens! With interactive games like 'Mouse Chase' and 'Meow Hero,' cute kitty sounds, a secret trick and stylish tail.

Meowzies can't wait to show you everything they can do. Bring two together and they'll share secrets, tell jokes sing songs and more. Meowzies are kid-powered, so give them a push and watch how they roll.

Let the feline fun begin with Zoomer Meowzies!

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