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ZenGen Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

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With a beautiful natural timber style, the low profile ZenGen diffuser is sure to look good in any home or office. It is quiet and easy to operate, with adjustable LED lights allowing you to choose the colour to suit the mood. Add your own essential oils and infuse your room with your favourite scent along with its therapeutic benefits.

  • 200ml capacity - lasts approximately 6 hours
  • Automatic shut-off - diffuser automatically turns off when out of water.
  • Safe - Ultrasonic diffusion means no heat or open flames, so is very safe to use even overnight
  • Humidify - adding moisture to the air helps with respiratory issues and dry skin, along with decreasing static
  • Adjustable LED - 6 different colours
  • Quiet - minimal noise prevents sleep disruption

Unlike a traditional burner that relies on heating water to disperse essential oils, the ZenGen uses ultrasound, a heat-less process that breaks down water molecules and infuses them with the essential oils or blends of your choice. Without heat the delicate chemistry of your aromatherapy blends and oils is preserved, along with their aromatherapeutic benefits and their scents. With the ZenGen diffuser you can be sure you are always making the most out of your essential oils!

  • Size - 16.8x16.8x8.7cm
  • Water reservoir - 200ml
  • Runtime - approximately 6 hours
  • Power Supply - DC 24v

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